Contribute to libweb

Thanks for your interest in the project! We welcome pull requests from developers of all skill levels. To get started, simply fork the master branch on GitHub to your personal account and then clone the fork into your development environment.

Steve McMaster (iamthemcmaster on Twitter) is the original creator of the libweb project, and currently maintains the project for Hurricane Labs.


Code style rules

Code style for the libweb project follows 3 simple rules:

  1. Our code should be readable and easy to follow.
  2. Our code should be well commented.
  3. Our code should be well tested.

Tox tests include coverage testing and certain code quality tests, and it is expected that any PR’s will maintain the same level of coverage and quality. No preference is given for line length, single vs double quotes, etc, as long as the code remains readable and understandable.